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Test Bank for Principles of Management Version: 3.0 Bauer ISBN: 9781453375020

Test Bank for Principles of Management Version: 3.0 Bauer ISBN: 9781453375020

Test Bank for Principles of Management Version: 3.0 Bauer ISBN: 9781453375020


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Test Bank for Principles of Management, Version: 3.0, Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, Jeremy Short, and Mason A. Carpenter, ISBN: 9781453375020

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Principles of Management
1.1 Who Are Managers?
1.2 Leadership, Entrepreneurship, And Strategy
1.3 Planning, Organizing, Leading, And Controlling
1.4 Economic, Social, And Environmental Performance
1.5 Performance Of Individuals And Groups
1.6 Managing Preferred Learning Styles
1.7 Case In Point: Doing Good As A Core Business Strategy
Chapter 2: History, Trends, Globalization, and Ethics
2.1 Management History
2.2 Contemporary Principles Of Management
2.3 Key Trends
2.4 Globalization And Principles Of Management
2.5 Developing Your Values Based Leadership Skills
2.6 Case In Point: Hanna Andersson Corporation Changes For Good
Chapter 3: Personality, Attitudes, and Work Behaviors
3.1 Personality And Values
3.2 Perception
3.3 Work Attitudes
3.4 Work Behaviors
3.5 Developing Your Positive Attitude Skills
3.6 Case In Point: Cornerstone On Demand Uses Big Data To Match Applicants To Jobs
Chapter 4: Developing Mission, Vision, and Values
4.1 The Roles Of Mission, Vision, And Values
4.2 Mission And Vision In The P O L C Framework
4.3 Creativity And Passion
4.4 Stakeholders
4.5 Developing A Personal Mission And Vision
4.6 Case In Point: Netflix Has A Different Take To Engaging Employees
Chapter 5: Strategic Management
5.1 Strategic Management In The P O L C Framework
5.2 The Emergence Of Strategies
5.3 Understanding Generic Business Level Strategies
5.4 Developing Strategy Through Internal Analysis
5.5 Developing Strategy Through External Analysis
5.6 Formulating Organizational And Personal Strategy With The Strategy Diamond
5.7 Case In Point: Leadership Development At Starbucks
Chapter 6: Goals and Objectives
6.1 The Nature Of Goals And Objectives
6.2 Management By Objectives And The Balanced Scorecard
6.3 Using Goals And Objectives In Employee Performance Evaluation
6.4 Integrating Goals And Objectives With Corporate Social Responsibility
6.5 Your Personal Balanced Scorecard
6.6 Case In Point: Nucor Aligns Company Goals With Employee Goals
Chapter 7: Organizational Structure and Change
7.1 Organizational Structure
7.2 Contemporary Forms Of Organizational Structures
7.3 Organizational Change
7.4 Planning And Executing Change Effectively
7.5 Building Your Change Management Skills
7.6 Case In Point: Toyota Struggles With Organizational Structure
Chapter 8: Organizational Culture
8.1 Understanding Organizational Culture
8.2 Measuring Organizational Culture
8.3 Creating And Maintaining Organizational Culture
8.4 Creating Culture Change
8.5 Developing Your Personal Skills: Learning To Fit In
8.6 Case In Point: Google Creates Unique Culture
Chapter 9: Leading People and Organizations
9.1 Who Is A Leader? Trait Approaches To Leadership
9.2 What Do Leaders Do? Behavioral Approaches To Leadership
9.3 What Is The Role Of The Context? Contingency Approaches To Leadership
9.4 Contemporary Approaches To Leadership
9.5 Developing Your Leadership Skills
9.6 Case In Point: Indra Nooyi Draws On Vision And Values To Lead Pepsi
Chapter 10: Decision Making
10.1 Understanding Decision Making
10.2 Faulty Decision Making
10.3 Decision Making In Groups
10.4 Developing Your Personal Decision Making Skills
10.5 Case In Point: How Angry Birds Took Flight
Chapter 11: Communication in Organizations
11.1 Understanding Communication
11.2 Communication Barriers
11.3 Different Types Of Communication
11.4 Communication Channels
11.5 Developing Your Personal Communication Skills
11.6 Case In Point: Communication In The Age Of Social Media
Chapter 12: Managing Groups and Teams
12.1 Group Dynamics
12.2 Understanding Team Design Characteristics
12.3 Organizing Effective Teams
12.4 Barriers To Effective Teams
12.5 Developing Your Team Skills
12.6 Case In Point: Teamwork Takes Flight At General Electric
Chapter 13: Motivating Employees
13.1 Need Based Theories Of Motivation
13.2 Process Based Theories
13.3 Developing Your Personal Motivation Skills
13.4 Case In Point: Zappos Creates A Motivating Place To Work
Chapter 14: The Essentials of Control
14.1 Organizational Control
14.2 Types And Levels Of Control
14.3 Financial Controls
14.4 Nonfinancial Controls
14.5 Lean Control
14.6 Crafting Your Balanced Scorecard
14.7 Case In Point: Nordstrom’s Customer Service Culture Serves As A Control Mechanism
Chapter 15: Strategic Human Resource Management
15.1 The Changing Role Of Strategic Human Resource Management In Principles Of Management
15.2 The War For Talent
15.3 Effective Selection And Placement Strategies
15.4 The Roles Of Pay Structure And Pay For Performance
15.5 Designing A High Performance Work System
15.6 Tying It All Together: Using The Hr Balanced Scorecard To Gauge And Manage Your Human Capital
15.7 Case In Point: Satisfaction And Retention Of Long Haul Truck Drivers


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