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Quizzes for Software Engineering, 10/E 10th Edition Ian Sommerville

Quizzes for Software Engineering, 10/E 10th Edition Ian Sommerville

ISBN-10: 0133943038
ISBN-13: 9780133943030

For courses in computer science and software engineering

This new 10th edition of Sommerville introduces students to software engineering by focusing on the proven processes and techniques fundamental to the creation of reliable software systems.
Ian Sommerville, drawing on experience in system dependability and systems engineering, guides the reader through the most widely used agile methods and plan-based approaches.  The text strives to teach the engineers of tomorrow how to create software that will make our world a more convenient, safer, and enjoyable place to live.

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Chapter Quiz

Chapter 1:  Introduction


Your name:


Answer all questions. 1 mark per question

  1. What are the essential attributes of good software?


  1. What are the two fundamental types of software product?



  1. What is software engineering?


  1. What are the four fundamental activities in software processes?


5. What is the distinction between computer science and software engineering?


  1. What are the 4 general issues that affect many different types of software?



  1. List 5 different types of software application.


  1. What software engineering fundamentals apply to all types of software systems?


9. What are three key characteristics of the engineering of web-based software engineering?


  1. What is a software engineering code of ethics?




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